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Welcome to the web site of Adoption & Counseling Services for Families, Inc., a licensed child placing agency in the states of Kansas and Missouri. Adoption & Counseling Services provides many needed services to help those considering adoption to complete their plan. This includes individuals who desire to adopt a child (potential adoptive parents) and individuals who may be considering adoption as a result of an unplanned pregnancy (potential birth parents).

In business for almost 30 years, Adoption & Counseling Services strives to provide ethical services to serve the adoption community in a manner that will satisfy all members of the triad, including adoptive parents, birth parents and the adopted person. Our practices have changed over the years, as we have learned from triad members how to provide more compassionate and helpful services that will benefit all triad members (adoptive parents, birth parents and adopted persons.)

We feel that education and information about options is foremost in considering adoption and making a successful adoption plan. Adoption involves family building, emotions and finding the right fit that can lead to a lifetime of peace with the decision that has been made and the process that was selected.

We hope that our services may be helpful to you. If not, perhaps we will be able to link you to services that are appropriate for your situation.

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